Front view of the Victorian home housing Tech House, with ornate iron gates at the entrance.

Providing experiential learning opportunities, promoting computer literacy, and collaborating with our community

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Our mission at The Urban League Tech House is to empower technologically underserved communities in Newark and throughout Essex County, New Jersey.

We believe that everyone should have access to technology and the opportunities it brings.

With a growing digital and information divide impacting communities of color, we are dedicated to making a difference by providing essential resources and education

Our Approach

At the Urban League Tech House, we take action to bridge the technological divide and uplift the community. We offer a range of services, including:

Audible visiting ULEC staff

Computer Literacy Classes

Providing essential training to enhance digital skills, and increase computer literacy.

Industry-recognized technology certificate courses wher participants gain valuable skills and certificates to thrive in the digital world

Students working on video editing

STEM Classes

Nurturing the next generation’s passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

These classes are geared to both children and adults of all ages and ability. We provide twice a week course or night classes across a multitude of subjects and topics.

Students collaborating on coding assignments

Free High-Speed Internet Access

Access to a wide array of technology enabling everyone to participate and grow in the digital world

Join us in building a connected community!

Students collaborating on coding assignments

Industry Recognized Classes

Classes recognized across the industry to level up your skills and gain hands on experience

Join us in building a connected community!

Why the Digital Divide Matters

The digital divide has wide-ranging effects on the communities in urban areas like Newark.

We recognize the challenges it poses and the disparities it creates:

Educational Disadvantages

Without access to digital tools and the internet, students face obstacles in accessing educational resources, limiting their academic growth and future prospects.

Employment & Economic Disparities

The demand for digital literacy is increasing in the job market, leaving individuals without access to technology at a disadvantage in finding employment and contributing to economic disparities.

Limited Access to Information & Services

The internet has become essential for accessing information and resources, hindering residents’ ability to make informed decisions and engage in community development.

Health Disparities

The digital divide impacts healthcare outcomes, limiting access to telemedicine and online health resources, and widening health disparities.

Social and Civic Engagement

Without digital access, individuals may find it challenging to participate in social and civic activities, further isolating them from their communities.

By partnering with NJIT and Bloomfield College students as “Near-Peer” instructors and mentors, we foster an environment of intellectual curiosity and love for learning. Together, we encourage collaborative problem-solving and exploration, preparing participants for higher education and careers in technology.

Make a difference today

Are you ready to be part of a transformative journey? Whether you want to learn new skills, contribute as a volunteer, or support our mission through partnerships, The Urban League Tech House invites you to join our cause. Together, we can bridge the digital divide and create a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Julez Brown as an actor

“The teacher are so motivating. If you want to give up they encourage you to keep trying. They have faith in you. They will push you until you meet your goal.”

– Julez Brown, Student